Angry about “Muslim children,” an Uttar Pradesh instructor incites her students to strike each pupil individually.

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“Maine toh declare kar diya, jitne bhi Mohammedan bache hain, inke wahan chale jao,” the teacher Tripta Tyagi is heard telling the person recording the video as the kids continue to slap the boy, who is seen standing.

Who is teacher Tripti Tyagi instructed hindu kids to beat Muslim kids in class?

The Khatauli Circle Officer, Dr Ravi Shankar, said the school was being run in a big hall and the accused teacher is also the owner.

In Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, a private school teacher gave her class instructions to strike a student one at a time, made fun of his Muslim faith, and spoke disparagingly of “Mohammedan children”—all reportedly because he misread his multiplication facts.

According to officials, the event happened on Thursday in the Mansurpur police station’s jurisdictional hamlet of Khubbapur. Action against Tripta Tyagi, the teacher, as well as Neha Public School, which she runs and is where the incident took place, is being considered by both the police and the education authorities.

Children approach the boy in the video, who is sobbing, and slap him. Tyagi ordered the film.

“Maine toh declare kar diya, jitne bhi Mohammedan bachche hain, inke wahan chale jao (I have declared – all these Muslim children, go to anyone’s area),” Tyagi is heard saying to a man off camera. She then falters when the male seems to concur.

After striking the boy, one child sits down, and Tyagi asks, “Kya tum maar rahe ho? Why are you striking him so softly, Zor se maaro na? (Hardly hit him).

The next question he poses is, “Chalo aur kiska number hai (Whose turn is it)?”, pub-8272851170585786, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Tyagi says, “Abki baar kamar pe maaro,” while the boy sobs. chalo… ab muh laal muh pe na maaro ho raha hai… Start punching him in the waist with kamar pe maaro saare. Instead of hitting him in the face, strike him in the waist.

Tyagi could not be reached for comment.

The Superintendent of Police (City), Muzaffarnagar, Satyanarayan Prajapat, stated in a statement: “Today, Mansurpur police station got a video where a woman teacher was directing kids of a class to beat a youngster for not knowing multiplication tables. There were also some offensive remarks. When we looked into it, we discovered that the woman in the video was ‘declaring’ that Muslim children get spoilt when their mothers neglect to care for their education. The department will take action against the teacher after notifying the basic education officer.

The school is run out of a large hall, and the accused teacher is also the proprietor, according to Khatauli Circle Officer Dr. Ravi Shankar. The principal of the school is Tripta Tyagi. We are attempting to get the father of the child to lodge a complaint so that we may then submit a FIR. There is ongoing legal action.

According to local media, neither the victim’s father nor he will be bringing a complaint against the institution. “They will refund the price I paid, and I won’t be sending my child to that school again. There has been an agreement that no complaint will be made. The instructor has incited conflict among the students said the boy’s father.

For grades 1 through 5, the school is registered as Neha Public School. If any abnormalities are discovered, we will look into the standards the school is adhering to and take appropriate measures, the official said. “It is obvious in the video that the teacher is encouraging the students to hit a student… The school gained affiliation in 2019; we’ll investigate to see if it was renewed and if it was operating in accordance with the law.

Rahul Gandhi, a congressman from India, tweeted in Hindi about the incident, saying that it was the worst thing a teacher could have done for the nation: “Sowing the poison of discrimination in the brains of innocent children, turning a hallowed institution like a school into a marketplace of hatred. This is the same kerosene that the BJP has been spreading, lighting up every inch of India. We all need to teach children love, not hate, because they are India’s future.

The issue was also noted by the National Commission for the Protection of Children’s Rights. “We learned that a teacher had reportedly asked students to beat a student in Muzaffarnagar, in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Instructions are being sent for action after taking notice. Everyone has been asked to refrain from sharing the child’s video, from emailing information about the incident, and from taking part in the crime by disclosing the children’s identities, according to the commission’s chairperson, Priyank Kanoongo.

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