At least 4 people were killed in the shooting at a landmark motorcycle bar in Southern California, including the shooter.

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At least 4 people were killed in the shooting at a landmark motorcycle bar in Southern California, including the shooter.

In a shooting at a well-known biker bar in Orange County, Southern California, on Wednesday night, at least four people—including the shooter—were murdered and six more were injured, according to authorities.

At a late-night press conference, Orange County Sheriff’s Department Undersheriff Jeff Hallock informed reporters that the gunman was shot and killed by “multiple” cops who approached him shortly after they arrived. He claimed that at least one weapon had been found.

Orange County Fire Authority Chief Brian Fennessy stated at the briefing that the shooter and the three other victims who were shot to death were pronounced dead at the scene.

Five of the six people who were hospitalized, according to Fennessy, had gunshot wounds, and two of them were in serious condition. The other two were described as being in stable condition.

No deputies were wounded, according to the sheriff’s office, in the incident.

Around 7 o’clock local time, a shooting took place at the famed Cook’s Corner tavern in Trabuco Canyon.

Unknown at the time were the events leading up to the shooting. According to a law enforcement source, the event may have began as a domestic dispute between a retired police officer and his wife. Authorities were receiving similar information, according to Hallock, but it was far too early to validate such reports.

He claimed that when deputies got on the site, dispatchers could hear background shooting coming from the radios of the deputies.

Michele Gile of CBS News in Los Angeles spoke with a man who claimed to have lost a friend who had been shot in the back.

He claimed that he and a cook who had been shot in the arm barricaded themselves in the kitchen. When it was safe to leave, the two prepared themselves with a frying pan.

Additionally, the man told Gile about a woman the shooter had permitted to flee. The man claimed the woman told him she begged the shooter not to kill her since she was five months pregnant. She apparently obeyed the gunman’s instruction to “get out of here.”

X, the website that replaced Twitter, was used by Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley to write that she was “heartbroken to hear of another senseless mass shooting, this time in our own backyard.”

The pub is “regarded as one of the most famous biker bar & restaurant in Southern California,” according to the Cook’s Corner website.

According to the bar’s website, “We’ve experienced major earthquakes, forest fires, floods, recessions, and other disasters.” “We’ve overcome them all and emerged stronger.”

Between 4 and 8 o’clock the bar was serving a spaghetti night special. When the shooter opened fire, there were, in deputies’ estimation, 30 to 40 persons inside.

According to Wendy Koro, operations manager at Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys, Cook’s Corner in Los Angeles is a “legendary landmark.”

The general public can believe incorrectly that this is a bad neighborhood with a lot of heavy drinking and hard partying, and that decent people avoid it, according to Koro. It’s completely untrue, as you can see.

The location, according to Koro, is the “heart of the Orange County riding community.”

About 55 miles to the south of Los Angeles is Trabuco Canyon.

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