Modi wears Rakhi in South Africa: Modi finds ‘sister’ in South Africa, wears Rakhi during BRICS summit.

It is well known that Aarti Nanakchand Sananda and Dr. Sare Padyachi presented Modi with rakhi. Aarti leads the Arya Samaj of South Africa, and Saras Padyachi is a writer among them.

Sub-Saharan African women of Indian descent present Prime Minister Narendra Modi with rakhi. Modi is now in Johannesburg for the BRICS conference, it should be mentioned. Two women of Indian descent presented Modi with rakhi there. news source On its social media accounts, ANI shared the video of that same time.Aarti Nanakchand Sananda and Dr. Sares Padachi are known to have presented Modi with rakhi. Aarti leads the Arya Samaj of South Africa, and Saras Padyachi is a writer among them.

Aarti said, “Prime Minister Modi is not just like a brother to us; he is like a father,” before tying a rakhi around his neck. His presence here affirms that we also have a right to be there, in my opinion. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, according to Prime Minister Modi, means “one world, one family.” He is going to use what he learns from the Vedas to make a significant shift in South Africa. Sares added, “We hold Prime Minister Modi in the highest regard.because he has significantly influenced change in many different areas. South Africa will gain from these reforms as well as India.

The Prime Minister was welcomed warmly by the Indian community when he first landed in South Africa on Tuesday afternoon. Prime Minister Modi was seen shaking hands with people from the diaspora in a number of footage from the era. Modi’s feet were touched by several of them. To attend the 15th BRICS summit, Narendra Modi will be in South Africa through August 24. Then he will fly to Greece.

In the meantime, during the ‘Business Forum Leaders Dialogue’ on the first day of the BRICS summit in Johannesburg, Modi highlighted India’s digital economy and infrastructure. In terms of financial cooperation, he said it is crucial. According to Modi, the BRICS nations have a significant role to play as the global economy collapses as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, war, and strife.According to Modi, among the biggest economies in the world, India is growing at the fastest rate despite the current economic upheaval. India’s GDP will soon reach $5 trillion in value. India would undoubtedly take the lead role in driving global economic growth in the future.

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