Narendra Modi and his sister from Pakistan: His “Pakistani sister” will visit Delhi to bind Modi’s rakhi. He wed and now resides in Ahmedabad. How long have they been related?

Just a few days remain. following the Rakhi celebration. This celebration represents both brotherhood and the sacred bond between siblings. So, like five other “grandfathers,” his “Pakistani sister” sends Prime Minister Narendra Modi her best wishes on this momentous day. Despite the intensity of the conflict between the two nations, this relationship did not survive forever. The ‘Pakistani sister’ has been presenting rakhi to Modi for the past 30 years. Qamar Mohsin Sheikh is the ‘Pakistani sister’ of the prime minister. Before any of them became India’s prime minister, they had this brother-sister bond.

Kamar resides in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad by virtue of his marriage. Mohsin used to have dreams about his grandfather becoming the nation’s prime minister back when Modi was an RSS employee. Mohsin expressed that desire to Modi directly. Modi has mentioned his sister in similar ways. He has held the position of Prime Minister for nine years. Every year, Mohsin visits Delhi and ties a rakhi on Modi’s hand.Together, they observe the Rakhi holiday. Due to the Corona epidemic, the gathering of the grandfather and sister was postponed for a number of years. But over those years, Mohsin frequently delivered handmade rakhi to Modi’s home.

Mohsin is hopeful that he will see his grandfather this year, though. He claimed, in an interview with the news organization ANI, “I have made the rakhi myself.” Due of the epidemic, I haven’t been able to visit Delhi for the past two years. But this year, I’d like to meet him. Every day, I wish him health and longevity. I’m sure that all of my prayers will be answered. It is admirable how he is serving the nation.The prime minister enjoys reading. ‘Sister’ Mohsin is therefore preparing to give Dada a book on agriculture for Rakhi.


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