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UP teacher ‘encourages’ students to beat a Muslim student by telling them to “hit him harder”

UP teacher ‘encourages’ students to beat a Muslim student by telling them to “hit him harder”


The incident has been reported to the Muzaffarnagar police department.

According to a fabricated video that has created uproar on social media, Tripta Tyagi, a teacher at the Neha Public School in Khubbapur, Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, is seen ordering classmates to attack a Muslim student who is seven years old.

The Quint has accessed the footage, which was recorded on August 24 by a relative of the pupil. It can be seen that Tripti summons the entire class to strike the offending pupil. She can be heard shouting, “Moo lal horaha hain, kamar pe maaro saare,” as the classmates hit him. Hit him on the back; his face is starting to become red.

Father says, “Police told us to compromise.”

The child’s father responded when The Quint contacted him, stating that he was in the midst of making a complaint against the teacher.

The teacher can also be heard adding, “I had taught him Maths’ table of five but….” before it fades out in the video.

According to the child’s father, there were between 60 and 70 students who hit for an hour. Their backs were struck, and their faces were red. She said, “I will do what I want,” when we questioned her why she was beating them.

What Was Said by the Police?

In an earlier statement on X (formerly known as Twitter), Dr. Ravi Shankar, Circle Officer for the Khatauli Range, said, “One video has gone viral on social media wherein this incidence has come to light, prompting the students to strike one specific student. We have acknowledged the issue and investigated it.

It is from Khubbabpur village in Mansoorpur thana, he continued. The pupil is being hit in this video from one of the school’s sections, and some degrading statements have been said.

He finished by stating that the police are in contact with the parties in question and are actively looking into the incident.

The Muzaffarnagar Police have just modified their statement. As a result of our conversation with the teacher, we learned that she had remarked, “Jin Mohammadan Baccho ki Maa Baccho ki Padhai Par dhyaan nahi Deti Hain, Unn baccho ki Padhai Ka Naash Hojata Hain.” Muslim pupils’ studies are harmed by their mothers’ lack of attention to their children’s studies.

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